About Us

Mission Statement

J&L Industrial & Forwarding, Inc. is a company dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and providing unmatched service in sales, import-export services and transportation of supplies for the oil & gas industry in Texas and Mexico. Our mission is to be the premier distributor of high quality industrial equipment with prompt deliveries.

Our offices are located in the northern region of Mexico and South Texas which strategically places us between our suppliers and customers.

By working hand-in-hand with companies such as IIS de Mexico (representative in Mexico) and Comercializadora Grupo Arrgo (Custom’s brokerage agency), we have the opportunity to fulfill our customers’ needs by a providing a door-to-door service.



J&L Industrial & Forwarding Inc. began in 2003 in McAllen, TX by mostly offering its services for the Burgos Asset in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Experience and professionalism have helped us reach customers not only in the state of Tamaulipas but in every State with an Oil & Gas industry.

2007 was the year IIS de Mexico, SA de CV was established as our representative in Mexico to better serve our customers. IIS’ participation within our corporate structure has helped us increase the quality of our door-to-door service to better reach our clients.

In 2008 we joined forces with Comercializadora Grupo Arrgo who strengthened our service area for import processes and has made us a leader in brokerage needs.

That same year, we began working alongside Fiberspar Corporation; leader in high-strength, fiber-reinforced tubular products for the oil and gas industry. Once Fiberspar Corporation became part of NOV under FiberGlass Systems in 2014, J&L Industrial became distributor of its products in Mexico.

J&L Industrial is constantly motivated to strengthen relations with companies for the purpose of becoming more competitive, distinctive, and better recognized within the oil industry in South Texas and Mexico.



We’re located in the northern part of Mexico and South Texas which is one of the most important commercial bridges that connects Mexico and U.S. : Reynosa – Hidalgo/Pharr. Our integrated services are comprised of a company in the U.S., a company in Mexico, a warehouse, a customs agency and a freight company. Our geographic positioning and integrated businesses are critical for our competitve advantage.