Flexible Pipe


J&L Industrial Group is an authorized distributor of NOV Fiberglass Systems which manufactures FiberSpar LinePipe™.  FiberSpar LinePipe™ is a patented, high-pressure, spoolable fiber-reinforced composite pipe that has been featured and proven in case studies to be much more cost effective and efficient than steel pipelines. Currently, over 75 million feet of LinePipe™ is in service today, connecting over 10,000 oil and gas wells in North America alone.

FiberSpar LinePipe™ has an exclusive and unique patented design that is perfect for multiple applications and environments.  Field results show FiberSpar LinePipe™ can save 20% or more over externally coated steel. FiberSpar LinePipe™ is lightweight, flexible, and does not corrode.

FiberSpar LinePipe™ is a product at the forefront in modern oil and gas operations and is not available everywhere. Fortunately, J&L is an authorized distributor of FiberSpar LinePipe™ to fit your operation or project.

Since 2008, J&L Industrial Group along with FiberSpar, have worked together to provide FiberSpar LinePipe™ to oil and gas operators across Texas and Mexico. For quotes and sales of FiberSpar LinePipe™ for your oil and gas operation or next project, contact us today or find out more by visiting FiberFlex.